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PALISADE MEDIA is an interactive design agency that specializes in devising creative and innovative marketing solutions. Originally founded under the moniker of Palisade Productions LLC, Palisade Media has worked with more than 100 publicly traded and private companies since 2005, producing an impressive compendium of corporate videos, presentations and websites.

Through our parent company, Palisade Global Investments, we offer an unparalleled level of service and marketing expertise to companies listed on the TSX, ASX, and NASDAQ. We are especially proud of our success with Palisade Radio, which has become the fastest growing radio show in junior mining. The program features weekly interviews with leading financial luminaries and titans of the mining industry, including Doug Casey, Eric Sprott, Marc Faber and Peter Schiff.

Corporate videos - designed to go viral!

Find out what you need

Most corporate videos rely on promotion and fail to gain transaction for companies. In the age of the internet, users are constantly seeking knowledge. Palisade videos aim to educate users by providing them answers to their most asked questions.

Choose a Compelling Topic

Own a gold mine? Make a video discussing the history of the money. Run a lighting company? Educate viewers on how LED bulbs work. Money and LED are popular keywords on Google and YouTube, ensuring your video gets viewed!

Time to Educate

Palisade will design a compelling script, aimed at answering viewers questions. The audio will be professionally recorded and animated video will be designed. Upload the video to YouTube and get ready for viewers to share, tweet, and like your video!

Script Your Message

An effective video needs to tell the right story. That is why we have a professional scriptwriter on staff - a real person who will work with you to craft the perfect narrative that will educate and engage your target audience.

Professional Audio

Professional quality audio is key to viewer retention and quality messaging. All of our voice overs are recorded in a sound studio by industry experts. Pick from male or female voices; choose a baritone, tenor, alto or soprano; select an accent that is most suitable for your video, whether that be British, American, or something else entirely.


You only have to watch one of our videos to understand why they are so effective. It’s all about proper storytelling - bringing videos to life through engaging graphics and animations. We have top notch animators on staff who can capture the essence of your business and translate that into compelling visual media.

Video Portfolio

Corporate presentations, done right.

A corporate presentation is a company's most effective tool for connecting with investors. It is an opportunity to present a cogent and compelling blueprint for the future; unfortunately, too many presentations today come up short.

We are experts at crafting presentations that tell a company's story in an engaging and presentable way for investors.

Key Points

Corporate presentations should focus on the most important elements of your business. Let us identify those key points and determine how to best showcase them to investors.


An outdated, drab presentation will not inspire confidence among investors. We will design a clean and modern theme for your presentation that will allow investors to stay focused on your message and content.


The rhythm and flow of a presentation must be fully considered when designing and integrating slides together. Just as importantly, with proper planning, we can ensure that a presentation is developed in a minimalist fashion, delivering a crisp message throughout and avoiding information overload.

Graphics & Design

Palisade employs top designers to create engaging and informative graphics that tell your investors everything they need to know. The saying is true - a picture truly is worth a thousand words!

Copy, Copy, Copy

The importance of having well written copy in your presentation, one pager, or website cannot be understated! A knockout business presentation does not leave investors with any doubts about what you said. We have a professional copywriter on staff to translate your message into written word.

Presentation Portfolio

See what our clients are saying about us...

"Palisade Media is profoundly creative and knows what it takes to leverage a promotional video to provide you the highest return on investment. We worked with Collin to create an informative and catchy video for our firm. Even considering the difficultly of appealing to a broad audience with different levels of expertise in our field, Collin was able to put together a video to potray a unique branding for our company. In addition, turn around was very timely for such a high quality product. Palisade delivered beyond our expectations and the feedback on the video has been excellent!"

Ben Casey
Principal, CODEX Engineering

"I have recently worked with Palisade Media developing a corporate video for Valdor Technology International. The video is excellent and virtually all feedback from viewers has been extremely positive, with rave reviews about its professional, creative look and comprehensive coverage of the Company. The cost for creating the video was very reasonable and is greatly outweighed by the value of the finished product. It was a pleasure to work with Collin and I highly recommend him to anyone that may need this type of product."

Elston Johnson Chairman
Valdor Technology International

"Palisade Media created a very professional video that resonates with the audience. They were quick and efficient, making it a pleasure to work with them."

Jamia Jasper
Manager, American Israeli Shared Values Fund

"Palisade Media provides an essential tool in the difficult task of finding and securing funding for public and private companies. Their video marketing campaigns have helped several of my clients and I anticipate referring them to any of our serious seekers of capital."

Alan Frankel
President, III Industries

"Palisade Media created a memorable video that demonstrated the extreme durability and toughness of the Titan Pro Security Camera. The team at Palisade took the time to understand my product and in turn have helped to boost my sales by 50% on the product!"

David Boyd
President & Founder, Opticom

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